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AAA Offers Used EV Buyer Guide

More consumers are interested in electric vehicles but the higher price of new EVs can be a roadblock. AAA is out with its Used EV Buyer’s Guide for those who want an EV but need more affordable options.

The AAA Used EV Buyer’s Guide includes information such as ownership costs of EVs, range, charging, repair and maintenance costs, and other details to consider before purchase.

Find details in the news release.

If you’re thinking about going electric for your next vehicle, AAA wants you to be informed and educated on EV ownership before you lease or purchase a vehicle. This will help you get the vehicle that’s right for you. For first-time buyers or multi-car households, used EVs could be a good option as they tend to be more affordable than new EVs.

AAA Oregon/Idaho offers many services for EV drivers, including:

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